Location Detection

This is a PHP, HTML5 & JavaScript example of how your site can be location aware!

Download the code!

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Step by step guide to geolocation enabling your site:

Location detection with HTML5 is pretty simple. Browsers either support navigator.geolocation or they don't. If they do you can open up a whole world of local information to your users plus log a deeper and more geographic level of statistics server side.

  1. JavaScript: Find out if navigator.geolocation is supported by the browser
  2. JavaScript: If yes use the geolocation API to get the latitude and longitude values
  3. JavaScript: Send latitude and longitude values to a server side script for processing
  4. PHP: Query the Google Maps API to reverse geocode the latitude and longitude
  5. PHP: Parse the resulting XML location data from the Google Maps API
  6. PHP: Use these values to find local information to show your visitors. Could be from a database or remote API.
  7. JavaScript: Update the page with data output by the server side script to offer your visitors local content!

Download Mobile Location Detection code to add geolocation enable your website.

Download the code!